About Me

Donna Tilley is the passionate, creative and free-spirited blogger behind Tilley Talks Travel.  She runs this travel and leisure blog to  to help others travel more while spending less.  She grew up in MassDona Tilleyachusetts and is currently residing in her Mediterranean-inspired home in Oakland, California. She began her travel pleasures since she was young as her parents were both adventurers at heart. She has traveled almost all over Europe at the age of 10 and has began traveling alone when she was just 16. Her vast travel experiences, whether for leisure, business or for fun, has inspired her to start writing about it and compile it in a blog to give relevant ideas and interest other travel lovers of her passion.

Donna’s life is filled with whatever adventure is available. She also has an eye for nature and everything green. Her old soul makes her yearn for more scenic attractions and cultural grandeur. It’s everything that matters to her. After establishing a successful chain of businesses, she is continually exploring the world with her family and friends through cruising plus a series of trips to different destination areas all around the world.